• Effiplus Seminar In Moscow2014-06-16
    Effiplus representatives visited partners In Moscow and held a seminar to help the sales know more about Effiplus on Monday, Apr. 28th. During the seminar, the new development and marketing strategy of Effiplus TBR was introduced and refres ...更多内容>>
  • Effiplus Seminar Launched In Italy2014-06-16
    In the early April of 2014, a seminar aiming to market Effiplus brand was successfully held by our Italian customer. Thanks to the great efforts made by the customer, Effiplus brand is getting more and more attention in Italian market. By h ...更多内容>>
  • Effiplus Taiwan Partner Started Online Sales2014-06-16
    Taiwan partner started online sales to promote EF TBR products Taiwan partner has carried out an online shop in the local trading website since last year. Combining with traditional marketing methods, the online sales makes Effiplus known t ...更多内容>>
  • Effiplus TBR was exhibited in local tire expo in Thailand2014-06-16
    Thanks to the efforts of our Thailand partner, Effiplus TBR was exhibited in local tire expo. There are some pictures about the exhibition booth and Effiplus TBR tire. It was very nicely designed. Thailand partner is always trying best to m ...更多内容>>
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