• Effiplus Seminar in Kenya2014-06-16
    Invited by its partner from Kenya, Effiplus team visited the customer and held a seminar together with them this March. During the visit, Effiplus team had a sufficient communication with the partners sub-agencies, and got much valuable fee ...更多内容>>
  • Effiplus Seminar in Mauritius2014-06-16
    As a professional tire solutions provider, Techking will pay its partners a regular visit each year. After Tyrexpo 2014 in South Africa, Effiplus team from Techking Company dropped in on its partners from Mauritius. During the visit, Effipl ...更多内容>>
  • Effiplus Marketing Campaign in Yemen2014-06-16
    To improve brand awareness and let more people know about Effiplus brand, the local partner from Yemen spends a lot of efforts on the marketing. Many T-shirts were made and delivered to distributors and end users: LAMA stand of Effiplus was ...更多内容>>
  • Effiplus Atmosphere Made by Libya Partner2014-06-16
    Deco package, a most powerful promotional tools provided by Effiplus team, is normally used by the partners to decorate their shops and offices. Each year, Effiplus team will make a contest and appraise out the most beautiful shops/offices. ...更多内容>>
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